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Phoenix Tee Party's Vision

Despite its breathtaking natural beauty and symbolic name, Phoenix, unfortunately, remains one of the worst cities in terms of its treatment of underprivileged children and child poverty. Phoenix's child poverty rate is relatively low. The children in these communities struggle with their daily lives, rarely experiencing the entertainment and lively childhood experience that most children are fortunate to have. Golf is an escape from it all, as the children can take in nature and its surroundings on the course while experiencing a game that brings millions of children worldwide bundles of joy. Phoenix Tee Party looks to be a pathway from underprivileged communities with underprivileged children to exciting times on and off the golf course for those same underprivileged children. We want to be able to positively impact and even transform communities that were once filled with the unfortunate reality of poverty into communities with a strong, charismatic, and entertained youth that has the potential to uplift communities as one. 

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