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Dedicated to our mission, Phoenix Tee Party, led by CEO Aaryan Dwivedi, takes a monumental stride. With a generous  donation to the USKIDSGOLF foundation, alongside the support of Dale Balvin, CEO of Arizona Junior Golf, we breathe life into our commitment to shaping young golf talent. This contribution is a testament to our unwavering resolve, fueling the dreams of future golf champions. Together, we're driving our mission forward, one swing at a time. 

An inspiring evening in Scottsdale, where we witnessed the power of community collaboration and the dedication of Phoenix Tee Party's CEO, Aaryan Dwivedi. With heartfelt enthusiasm, he presented a generous check to Scottsdale Mayor Ortega, strengthening the bonds that make our city great. 

This contribution represents the unwavering commitment of Phoenix Tee Party to support and uplift our local community. Aaryan's vision and passion are truly commendable, reminding us that positive change starts at home. Together, we're making a significant impact, one step at a time, as we work hand in hand to create a brighter future for Phoenix. Spreading the mission to the younger generation in Phoenix, Phoenix Tee Party is expanding its horizon beyond the golf course, as this donation to SSCA will fuel community foreign exchanges around the world. 

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